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: Rift - Reddit17 Mar 2011 .. Hola crap, my friend just unlocked all 6 planar focus slots! .. I was trying to find it on the Rift Wiki but it looks like nobody is really bothering to ..[Tutorial] Rift Planar Focus and Essences - Rift Guides, Tutorials .. Acquisition Edit9 May 2013 ..

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Aug 25, 2016 ... Slots covered will be based on the calling, but because of the powers that ... a Legendary point which can be spent to unlock a Legendary Power. .... just be the new synergy crystals or even just place them in our planar focus.

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Think of the planar focus as an item with slots. At max it can have 2 greater slots and 4 lesser. Different planar foci have different numbers of slots (1 greater 1 lesser, 2 greater 2 lesser, etc). You attach stat / proc items to the focus which become bound to that particular planar focus. In short, it's a pretty customizable stat slot.

A planar essence is an item, usually obtained as a rift reward which can be slotted in a planar focus.It often has one or more attributes and at least one resistance.There are greater and lesser planar essences, which corresponds to the slot that must be available Planar Focus - Rift Wiki - Rift Wiki at Telarapedia A planar focus otherwise known as a rift vessel, has multiple essence sockets which can be customized with various planar essences. Foci can be purchased using Planarite, and can have lesser and greater essence slots of varying number. Can someone explain Planar Focus, Sigils, etc.? : Rift - reddit

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